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September 13, 2018

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are all in pain these days.  The latest revelations have created new wounds and ripped open old wounds as we struggle in our attempts to heal and to make right the damage done within the Church to the faithful.  As Christians, we seek to be a light to the world as we attempt to live faithfully to the teachings of Jesus.  We are justifiably angry and there is great pain in trying to understand why this is happening again and how we can right all of these wrongs.

I want to be honest with you and not pretend there is an easy solution or reaction to what's happening.  Many who have dedicated their lives to the Church, myself included, are struggling to understand why so much damage has been allowed to persevere for so long.  As you know, our own Archdiocese had its own reevaluation in 2006 with abuse that had occurred.  We have since enacted many changes including a zero-tolerance policy towards retaining or reassigning any clergy or lay people found guilty of sexual abuse.  Even with all these changes, the latest revelations have shown how much more change is needed within the Church.

I have been praying, and I continue to pray on what I am called to do in response, not only as your priest, but also as a man of God and as a human being.  I have experienced many emotions:  anger, disgust, shame.  I have spoken to many people and other clergy as I process what's happening and it has been a struggle to find the right words and actions to respond.  My first priority is for the care of the parishioners of St. Bede.  All of us, the staff and clergy at St. Bede Church and School, continue to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to the safety of all who are a part of our community.  We are open to hearing from you, my brothers and sisters. I want to hear your concerns, your suggestions and what you feel should be our collective response to this scandal.  I will be working with my Pastoral Council at the next meeting to discuss the best way we, as a parish, can respond and move forward.  I will be updating all parishioners in the near future with the results of that meeting.  

I ask that you remember we are called to put our faith in Jesus Christ.  The Church is an imperfect vehicle given to us to help us journey in our faith.  We are all called to be disciples to Jesus and to say "Yes" to God. 

Jesus, I trust in You,






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May Our World Be Filled With Peace:

"Peace in our day,
Peace in our hearts,

Peace in our families, and
Peace among nations."

...Pope Francis

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