Altar Servers


The Altar Server Ministry is an ancient traditon in the Catholic church that continues on today. Altar Servers support and assist the priest and deacon during the various liturgies and worship services or ceremonies.  The server function and role, when conducted with grace and reverence, add significantly to the sacredness of the riturals and help the assembly participate more fully and more prayerfully.  

Typical duties of the server are to carry the processional cross, to carry the processional candles, to carry the incense and boat, to assist with the Roman Missal and other liturgical books used in the liturgy, to assist the Bishop with his mitre and crozier and to assist in preparing the altar.


Who Can Serve

Anyone who has completed the 4th grade and has received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist.

Altar servers are needed for both Sunday and Weekday Masses as well as some special liturgies and prayer services.  

How to Join the Ministry

In the Spring each year, bulletin notices will announce upcoming Altar Server training dates and request sign-ups for new servers.  Also, new servers can sign-up by contacting our Liturgy Coordinator

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