Cultural Liturgies

As a people of God we are melded from many cultures but all worshiping the same Lord.  We celebrate together in prayer and community as we embrace the many ethnic backgrounds that make up our faith community. 

Celtic Mass and St. Patrick's Day Celebration

On or around St. Patrick's day each year we celebrate the Irish heritage of so many of      our parishioners with a Celtic Mass and celebration following the litgurgy.   The 

liturgy includes irish music and bagpipes and we invite an irish priest to concelebrate with our Pastor.  When Mass ends, the procession out is led by the bagpipes and all go to the Hall for a good old Irish event with a band, dancing, food, spirits, and lots of fun, etc.

Our St. Patrick's Day Celtic Mass and Celebration is planned, organized and presented each year by a group of our parishioner's of Irish heritage.  It is a grand ole time and one of our favorite events of the year.  For information about this year's celebration or to purchase a ticket click here.

Korean Martyrs Mass and Reception

Each year, on or near, September 20th we celebrate the Korean Martyrs who gave their lives so that Christianity and Catholocism could flourish in their country.  This is a beautiful Mass that includes native Korean costumes, music and song.  A reception follows Mass that honors and presents some of the classic traditions of the Korean culture.  Everyone is invited to come; to enjoy the beauty of the Mass; to experience the foods of Korea and to learn about the traditions of the Korean people at the reception.

This event is sponsored by St. Bede's Korean Martyrs' Cultural Ministry which is made up of our Korean Community and the Korean Martyrs Spirituality Center of Southern California.  They are proud to share their cultural with our parish community and work all year fund rasing to provide this beautiful event for those who are interested in the culture and traditons of Korea and in honoring the martyrs' who gave so much so that others were free to practice their faith.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass and Reception

Our parish community celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe and honors the hispanic culture on our Lady's feast day of December 12th.  The Mass includes a traditional procession carrying in a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The music includes mariachis and at least one of the scripture readings is proclaimed in spanish.  The celebration concludes with a reception that provides everyone with a taste of the spanish culture.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Cultural Ministry (aka Guadalupanos) are responsible for this event.  At St. Bede the Venerable the Guadalupanos are our parishioners of hispanic descent.  The celebration is open to everyone who wants to experience a bit of the colorful, spiritual, and flavorful hispanic culture.  As with the other cultural ministries, our Guadalupanos plan, prepare, and fund raise so that our parishioners can experience the this feast day in an hispanic tradition.

Simbang Gabi Mass and Reception

Simbang Gabi is a Filipino tradition that is celebrated at St. Bede each year. In the Philippines, Simbang Gabi refers to the tradition of having a nine day novena of Masses immediately preceeding Christmas.  The phrase Simbang Gabi actually translates into "Evening Mass" but is celebrated in the Philippines in the early morning hours so that farmers could tend their fields and still give thanks to God for a good harvest and hope for the coming year. 

At St. Bede our Filipino Community celebrates Simbang Gabi at one Mass only and returns to the original intent of having the Mass in the evening.  Our Simbang Gabi Mass is help at one of our 5:30 pm Masses on the 4th weekend of Advent.  The Mass is a lively and colorful and includes a unique decor, beautiful procession and cultural music and song.  Some of the songs and scriptures during Mass are said in the native language of Tagalog. The reception that follows includes traditonal food and entertainment.  All are invited to join in the celebration at this wonderful event and time of year.

St. Bede's Simbang Gabi Cultural Ministry (members of our Filipino Community) sponsors this event.  The ministry plans the even; raises funds to finance the event and works the event to share the traditions and joy of Simbang Gabi with our Parishioners. 



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