Everyone is invited to participate in Adoration by sharing their presence with our Lord's presence. Adoration is offered each Tuesday in the Chapel. You may schedule yourself ahead of time for an hour or two or simply drop by for a few minutes of solitude and stay as long as you like.

During Mass when the priest raises the communion host and says "This is my body", the host, that small white piece of ordinary bread, becomes the Body, Soul and Divinity of Jesus through the miracle of transubstantiation. Each Tuesday during Adoration something equally beautiful takes place when the priest places the consecrated host into the Monstrance and the Monstrance on the altar for adoration by all who wish to spend time in the real presence of Jesus Christ.

Adoration simply means spending some time alone with Jesus and that time can be spent praying, reading the Bible, contemplating acts of faith, hope and charity, thanksgiving etc. or you can also just sit in His presence letting him direct your thoughts.  With your heart open, you might be surprised at how much He has to share with you.

Adoration at St. Bede the Venerable takes place on Tuesdays:

8:45am until 10:45am
7:00pm to 8:00pm 

Please consider spending a few minutes with Jesus.



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