Altar Society and Environment Ministries

The Altar Society and Environment Ministries keep the church and sacristy beautiful, fully stocked and ready for any of our celebrations and liturgies.  

The Altar Society attends to  the overall needs of the Church, Chapel and Sacristy.  Besides taking care of flowers, the group keeps the candle stands filled and addresses the many needs that arise during the changing seasons.  They also keep the altar linens, the priests vestments and the altar cloths clean and ironed each week.



The Environment team prepares the Church, Hall and John 23rd room for Christmas and Easter.  With the help of many volunteers, they decorate the Mass locations, put up the Nativity at Christmastime, and attend to the needs of Holy week. 



Who Can Join
Volunteers are always needed and most welcome for a variety of on-going or once a year tasks including washing linens to watering plants, etc.  All help is appreciated and if you have an interest in helping in any way please contact our Liturgy Coordinator to discuss your areas of interest or complete the Ministry Volunteer Interest Form.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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