Cor 1.0

formerly "EDGE"

"Cor" is Latin for "heart"

Cor 1.0

7th & 8th Grade Youth Ministry

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 Cor 1.0 meets every (almost*) 1st and 3rd Thursday (Sept-May)
beginning Thursday, September 5, 2019
from 6:30pm-8:00pm (including dinner!)
in the Teen Room!
(*the 2nd & 4th Thursday in January)


Cor 1.0 Calendar 2019-2020
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Upcoming Cor 1.0 Nights/Events:




What is Cor 1.0?

The name "Cor" comes from the Latin word for "heart". The core of our faith is being rooted in Jesus Christ's unconditional love for us, the love that flows from His Most Sacred Heart. It is from that love, that our Church was born. It is in the love, that we find our true identity and purpose in life.

Cor 1.0 is a program that brings Catholic youth in 7th & 8th grade together to:

-enjoy a fun and relaxed environment where they can just be themselves,
-build relationships with one another rooted in Christ and his unconditional love for us,
-and grow in their faith and Catholic spirituality.

Cor 1.0 Nights are facilitated by a team of fun, faith-filled, relatable leaders who will guide activities and discussions. All 7th and 8th graders are welcome!

Cor 1.0 Nights happen every 1st and 3rd Thursday (Sept-May) from 6:30pm-8:00pm (including dinner!) in the Teen Room. 

Each Cor 1.0 Night covers a new topic relevant to middle school teens (e.g.: peer pressure, getting to know Jesus as a friend, Catholic Social Teaching, etc.) in a more informal and relational setting. They will use music, skits, videos, games and small group faith sharing to explore the subject matter of the evening.

About Cor 1.0

Cor 1.0 is differnt than religious education. ​Cor 1.0 is Youth Ministry.

Cor 1.0 is about relationship/community building along with spiritual formation. It's a place where young people don't have to give the "right" answers, but are invited to ask their questions, to doubt, to wrestle with faith, and to grow in their personal relationships with Jesus and their peers in the process. 

​​Through playing games, having interactive  and team building activities, sharing in deep prayer experiences, hearing authentic and relatable witnesses from the leaders, and having opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas, young people in Cor 1.0 can grow in their personal faith. There are no grades and no homework. Cor 1.0 is a safe and fun space for them to connect with each other and with God.

Why Cor 1.0 (if my child is already in Catholic school)?

Cor 1.0 can be an excellent supplement to a young person at Catholic school because it allows them to explore their faith outside of the classroom environment and to learn how to apply what they're learning in their Religion class to their real life experiences and relationshipsCor 1.0 also helps to spiritually prepare young people before they reach Confirmation and high school. Giving them these tools at this age is especially important because on average young people who decide to leave the church make their decision at about age 13 (CARA Study, Our Sunday Visitor, 2016).


7th & 8th graders are not just little kids; they're individuating and becoming independent-thinking adults. This is a great age to give them support at a most crucial time in their spiritual and emotional development, to give them tools to challenge and grow in their faith and to lean on it. In addition to having a Catholic school education, research shows that having faithful and relatable adult mentors in Church and participating in youth ministry makes young people more likely to continue to practice their faith in young adulthood (Young Catholic America: Emerging Adults In, Out of, and Gone from the Church, 2014). 

More About Cor 1.0 Nights

Cor 1.0 goes from 6:30pm - 8:00pm every 1st and 3rd Thursday. We begin with dinner and then dive into our evening program which typically includes games/activities, a witness talk or sharing, small group discussions, and a variety of closing prayer experiences (because it's important for youth to see that there are so many different ways to pray). We use resources from a variety of different Youth Ministry publishers and websites. 

Interested in Volunteering with Cor 1.0?

If you are someone who feels called to get more involved with your faith, loves being silly and having fun, and identifies as young or young at heart, you would make a great candidate for our Cor 1.0 Team! We depend on adults who are familiar and comfortable with pre-teen kids to facilitate small groups discussions and activities.  Don't panic!  We provide training.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team, please give us a call at the Youth Ministry Office, 818.949.4325 or email

Contact us:

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