St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international non-profit organization of lay Catholic men and women dedicated to serving the needs of the poor. The international organization reaches the poor through local organizations of councils and conferences (ministerial groups within the parish).  By helping those in need and connecting them with resources available through the larger organization and local community, city, and county, it is hoped that they will become self-sufficient. St. Bede's conference is dedicated to providing the needed assistance which may include:  medical and dental care for the poor, charity dining rooms, transitional housing and general assistance for those in need.  

You Can Help

The St. Vincent de Paul thrift store accepts from and sells items to the general public.  If you are looking for vintage goods be sure to check the store out.  Thrift store sales help fund the many projects and activities SVDPLA does. Donating goods or making a thrift store purchase is just one way you can those in need. 

For information about other ways to help or to make a financial donation, please visit the SVDPLA website - click here or on the logo in the sidebar. 

St. Bede's St. Vincent de Paul Conference welcomes new members who want to strengthen their faith and grow in their relationship with God through serving friends in need. Contact Edna at 626-577-7155.  





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If you wish to learn more about all the good that St. Vincent de Paul LA does for the Los Angeles area or the many ways you might be of help or to make a financial donation directly to SVDPLA please go to the website by clicking here or on the logo below:

Online Giving

Online Giving

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