Campaign Update

During this time of uncertainty and concern, our campaign updates will be replaced by the pressing issues of the health and welfare of our parishioners.

A Message From Father

For years, the parish has struggled with what to do about our aging Parish Hall and Annex.  They are the original church and original school, the beginning of our parish life and much-loved buildings.  The memories run deep and will always be part of who we are.  

Our heavenly Father blessed us with founding families whose insight and love built those original buildings.  They brought our Catholic faith to many generations of parishioners.  Many of us benefited from the efforts of those first families.  Unfortunately, the original buildings are no longer viable as instruments of faith or community or service.  However, we have the opportunity to do for the future what those families did for previous generations and for us. 

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Our Campaign Prayer

Loving Father,
thank you for your faithful guidance
of our beloved Saint Bede Parish.
We are grateful
for the many gifts You have given
and for Your gentle loving care.

You blessed our founding families
with a building that served
many generations and many purposes.
We now ask that you help us honor those families by blessing our efforts to build a new Parish Hall Complex
-one where we can gather
to worship and pray,
to enjoy each other's gifts,
to pursue the work of our ministries
and that will serve our faith community
for generations to come.

We ask this through Jesus Christ,
who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
now and forever.  Amen.

Our Vision For The Hall And Annex

Our new Hall and Annex will provide enhanced space for liturgy, athletics, and receptions.  First, we hope to strengthen an active and meaningful campus that connects our school, hall and church.  Second, the space needs to allow for multi-purpose use.  Each year we have to accommodate Mass overflow, a range of performances, parties and receptions and athletics.  This requires an easy changeover from one setting to the next.  We want to ensure the environment in the hall is simultaneously elegant, inviting, and functional.  Third, we need an accessible and central commercial kitchen for key ministry program and our school.  Fourth, our hall must be suitable for the ministries that drive the spiritual life of our parish.  Finally (last but by no way least), our fifth priority is storage for everything that supports our campus.  The Anew campaign offers the opportunity to accommodate and inspire growth within our community and our faith through the ministries that enrich our worship. 








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