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Message from St. Bede's Finance Council March 29, 2020

St. Bede Parishioners:

At St. Bede we are doing all that we can to keep you informed and to be here for you during
this very difficult time. You and your family are most important to all of us. For non-emergency needs, please email or call the Parish Center at 818-949-4300 and leave a message. Any non-emergency messages will be addressed as soon as possible. For emergencies just follow the instructions on the phone and a priest will contact you

Everyone on staff is trying to keep business as usual as much as possible. Most of the staff are working from home and doing a terrific job of coordinating by email and phone. If you need to contact one of them, please email your issue, question or request to Jamie who will forward it to the appropriate staff member.

We are eternally thankful to all who have called and asked how to send in their weekly or
monthly offertory. Your concern for the parish is greatly appreciated especially since there are buildings, grounds, equipment, payroll, etc. to maintain. Of course, this means bills must be paid. There are two ways to continue your offertory donations at this time:


Mail in your check - please note whether it is for your regular offertory or an ANEW payment
Enroll in/Give though Online Giving – fastest, less troublesome and most secure way to give –your gift goes from your bank account/credit card account to the Church’s account immediately- no fuss, no time delay, no hands touching it. To enroll just go to our website homepage at, click on the blue GIVE (top right side of the page). This takes you to the online giving homepage where you should click on Create New Account and complete the screens as they come up. For assistance, phone 866-930-4774 and follow the prompts.


We thank you and look forward to a time we can once again share our faith and fellowship
together in one location as one family of God. May we all stay healthy. And with your
continued support both financial and prayerful, we will maintain our buildings, grounds and
administrative and liturgical functions so that they continue to serve you as you desire to be

In fellowship with you,
Your St. Bede Finance Council

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Online Giving

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