Bridge to the Future Pastor's Commentary


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We began our Bridge to the Future (major repair and maintenance projects around our campus) approximately 5 years ago with new A/C and new roof for our Church.  This past December we completed the concrete Path of Travel in the front of the Church – our last project!   I am delighted to “close the books” on the Bridge to the Future by sharing a final income and expense report:


Total Bridge to the Future Income to Date                                                           $ 1,006,270


          Church Air Conditioning Upgrade, Window Caulking, and New Roof,
          Miscellaneous, Asphalt Replacement, Path of Travel                                                $ 1,145,127

Net Bridge to the Future – Costs in Excess of Estimates                                                 $   (138,857)
Collectible Pledges Outstanding                                                                                       $      39,000 

Net Cost to Parish of Deferred Maintenance                                                                 $     (99,857)*

  • Excess Cost due primarily to the Path of Travel exceeding the budgeted amount by approximately $230K and the Window Caulking by approximately $106K.

Your very generous donations allowed us to complete all projects.  I thank you again for your support and for your love of our beloved St. Bede Parish.

Yours in Christ,


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