Councils & Committees

The Pastor at St. Bede the Venerable addresses the current and future needs of the parish with the assistance of four advisory councils or committees. While the spiritual needs and direction of the parish are the responsibility of the Pastor and his pastoral staff, the following councils and committees offer practical and pragmatic advice and support: 

Pastoral Council

St. Bede’s Pastoral Council is the chief advisory body to the Pastor for planning and providing overall vision and direction to the parish.  The council’s primary function is to examine issues and offer practical advice on all matters relating to pastoral work.  This includes the well-being of the community, the needs of the parish and any concerns needing attention.  The goal of the council is to support the Pastor as he builds a more faith-filled and Christ centered parish community.  The council is charged with identifying and studying issues, reaching practical conclusions and offering concrete recommendations. 

Those who sit on the council are parishioners who have been recommended to the Pastor.  All council members serve for rotating two year terms; are led by a president appointed from within the council membership; and meet monthly throughout the school year.  The Pastoral Council welcomes your questions, comments and concerns.  Please direct them to the current Pastoral Council President, Jack De Zell at

Finance Council

The Finance Council serves on a par with the Pastoral Council in the overall advisory leadership of the parish.  In this capacity it advises the Pastor on fiscal matters and is responsible for parish budget approval and oversight.  All matters that affect the financial needs and well being of the parish are carefully considered by the Finance Council.  Council Members from the parish include accountants, CPA's, those with finance expertise.  The current Finance Council President is Greg Stanislawski.  Any questions you might have can be directed to him at or to the Parish Business Manager, Lisa Orlandini at .       

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee advises the Pastor on matters that deal with new construction, remodeling, property maintenance and landscaping, etc. within the parish boundary lines.   Parishioners who sit on this committee have either construction or architectural expertise.  The Building and Grounds Committee chair is Mike McCullough.  Property and maintenance comments should be directed initially to the Parish Business Manager, Lisa Orlandini at .

Consultative School Board

The Consultative School Board addresses issues relating to St. Bede School and consists of members of the parent board, school parents, school administration, parish leadership and educators. Mike Leininger, the chair can be reached at  




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